Monthly Archives: March 2021

Coming out of Hibernation

I’m transitioning to Spring Riding and a more promising 2021.

The Trainer: a torture device used to keep your legs moving during the winter months.

Like many people, I found the year 2020 to be difficult. Most people don’t cope well with change, and I’m no exception. I had some bright spots during that time, and I did my civic duty of working from home and obeying the Covid rules, but now that we have reached the one year anniversary of “Let’s shut down the economy for two weeks to flatten the curve” of Covid-19 infections, I’m starting to see signs that an end may be in sight. It couldn’t have come too soon.

I’m beginning to see buds on the trees outside my window. Vaccine distribution seems to be moving along, and 2021 is just beginning to look like a year worth looking forward to. I like to look at the bright side and hope for good things. As Spring approaches and the last days of winter begin to lose their bite, I have begun to come out of hibernation.

I have spent many weeks spinning in place on my trainer. Trainers are something I see as a kind of beneficial torture device. Last weekend, I got outside for a ride with friends. While those nightly trainer sessions left me with good leg strength, I found that my lungs have to catch up. I’ll need to suffer through a few more outdoor rides before my breathing isn’t so ragged and my lungs feel strong and clear. The good news is that it feels like that every Spring. It often takes longer to train the lungs than to train the legs. I’ll be fine. Daylight savings time has opened up the opportunity to ride outside after work. I’m very happy about that!

I am starting to get information from my cycling club, (Potomac Pedalers in the Washington DC area) about rides, and I’ve gotten emails with sign up information from event rides I’ve enjoyed in the past. Hope may arrive with the Spring. I’m feeling excited about riding in a way that I couldn’t in 2020. Things won’t be exactly the same as they were before Covid. I think I can live with the changes though. The next 6 weeks before my first event of 2021 will be marked with joy. A very long hibernation is nearing it’s end.