Monthly Archives: February 2022

Taking advantage of a brief winter thaw

This morning I awoke to a light snowfall. It won’t amount to much. Mostly it’s a pleasant looking inconvenience. The strange thing is that yesterday the temperature was in the 60s (16 Celsius), and I got my bike out on the roads for the first time in 2022. I didn’t go very far, and I wasn’t too fast, but it felt good. Riding outdoors is nothing like riding a trainer. My legs are feeling the difference. I only count outdoor miles in my yearly totals. I know some people count trainer time, but I’m on a simple trainer, and frankly if I’m not going anywhere, it doesn’t feel right to include it in my totals.

It’s been a colder than average winter here, but like any other winter, occasionally a brief thaw happens. Those days are valuable. Whenever I have enough warm clothing to ride comfortably on the roads, I get out and ride. It may be rare, but by this time I’m usually dreaming of getting outdoors, and I take every opportunity. The days have begun getting longer, but I’m still a month away from Daylight Savings Time. I look forward to DST because by mid-March the temperatures are trending warm enough to ride comfortably in my warm cycling clothes. I can also start riding short rides after work before the sun sets after DST, and it’s exciting to start regular outdoor workouts. Though brief warm spells like the one I took advantage of yesterday are too good to miss. I rode through Rock Creek Park in Maryland with my friends Ron & Rita. Much of our route was closed to traffic, and the route is a local classic – very popular with riders, walkers and skaters. Something about moving through the landscape and breathing in the outdoor scents makes me feel good. As I look out the window at the snow flurries, I’m reminded that while it’s still cold, spring is on the way.

Late last week, I purchased an Insta360 Go 2 action camera. I don’t know when it will arrive with the supply chain problems that we’ve all had, but hopefully I’ll be able to add video to these posts at a later date. I’m hoping that it will help me tell these stories more effectively. I’m also planning my events for the 2022 season, but I’ll write more about that later!