This is about lines. Not necessarily straight lines; but the lines that define who I am. They are the pace lines or lines of friends I cycle with. They are kite lines that connect me to the sky. They are lines of thought that connect me to others. They are experiences that are linked together by lines of friendships and community.

I am blessed with close friends who share my love of cycling. I’ll talk a lot about them, because they mean a lot to me. I’ll do my best to describe the experience, or pass on some information about what I’m doing, and give you an impression of what that experience means to me. If it inspires others, I’ll be thrilled.

I’m also blessed to have learned to design and build fighter kites. They are single line kites that are steerable by line tension. I’ll talk about them, and what flying them is like, and even post plans to build them for yourself on occasion.

I’ll talk about other things too, and draw the lines that connect them to me and my life.

– Tom Humphrey

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