A Fighter Kite Break

Earlier this month, before  the world went mad for the Covid-19 scare, I took some time to fly a kite. It’s something I should do far more often. I flew the kite shown below, which I designed and built myself. There are times when the only thing to do is fly a kite.


While I have a video of the event, I need an upgrade to my site before I show it, but there are times when taking a brief break to fly a kite will clear your mind nicely.

The kite is based on an Indian Fighter Kite. The sail is Orcon, cut on the bias, and unlike a paper Indian kite the entire sail is a single sheet, with .03 graphite battens supporting the tail and meeting the spine just above the lower bridle point. The spine is bamboo, the bow is a .06 graphite rod, and I use a 3-point bridle. It flies beautifully. When I get a little more time, I’ll post a plan!

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