Shut Down Again

I try to be patient, but it’s hard. I am sick and tired of this endless, breathless pandemic panic. Everyone I know is on edge in some way.  They’re not on edge because they fear getting sick. They are on edge because they’ve been locked away from normal life. Some are locked out of jobs and busineses. We’re all ready for some “normality” to embrace. The lack of things to look forward to infects us all with negativity day after day in hundreds of nasty little ways. Today one of the things that I’ve been looking forward to, an event that wasn’t supposed to happen until OCTOBER, was cancelled. Goodbye Seagull Century 2020. Shut down again.
Is this really the right thing to do? To close off popular events that people prepare for and look forward to? Cycling is positive. It enriches people’s lives. Is this really the way to promote healthy living? Organizers have ALWAYS demanded that participants sign waivers to acknowledge that they could have bad outcomes, and to assume the risks of doing that activity. Why is this any different? I’m sure most people would HAPPILY assume the risks of the coronavirus at events if it meant having something positive to look forward to. I’ve heard and read enough insincere apologies and worthless explanations in the last few months. Cancelling events isn’t courageous. It’s cowardly.  It’s negative. How long will people be forced to cower in place? When will the people get to decide what is good for themselves? What is there to look forward to now?

Almost nothing. Maybe it’s time to quarantine those who are actually at risk. Not the rest of us.

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